Shenzhen Rui Sai Technology Co., Ltd., China Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, new stopwatch Exhibition

发布时间 : 2021-07-15
Shenzhen Rui science and Technology Co., Ltd., mainly the production and development and sales of high-tech enterprises, the main products have sports stopwatch, people health scales, intelligent hand ring, smart watch, and other products have experienced more than ten years, now, 2018 May 25th-28 day in the Shanghai International Exhibition Center, cater to the international sports Expo Carry out new product exhibition such as stopwatch and fat scale.


Address of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center: No. 168, Ying Gang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Guide: No. 333, song Ze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Exhibition hall position: B area, 5.2B018

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In addition to the products, we also have the guidance of the elite for you and the buyer to provide one-stop exhibition and procurement services for the large sports fitness groups to escort the health of the body, the health sector of the fair, and the same period of academic exchange capacity is powerful, the content is wonderful, sports supplies exchange will be in It will be wonderful at the exhibition! Please be ready!