The stopwatch changed my life

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

By the beginning of 2018, I had been using stopwatch record and trying to draw a line with my own time, allowing work to consume me for most of the ten years and making it an excuse I had to give up other activities and undermined my health and professional performance. This did not improve my work efficiency, and I was almost burned out, and there was no more comprehensive person than I expected.

The biggest obstacle is closing at the end of the day. I'll stay 'later' to do a little extra effort to finish second days of work ahead of time, only when I see and realize that it is out of the door when it is anywhere between 7 and 9 at night (the plot is twisted: second days will have the same number of tasks). Obviously, there will be overtime work in special situations, but if the necessities have been satisfied, the laptop will be closed, and I will walk out.

stopwatch manufacturer.jpg

If you don't use stopwatch, the problem is when I have time to rest, I don't know what to do - I'm hesitant about calling and calling in the office, and I completely ignore my goals and hobbies. I ignored the difference between filling my free time and doing activities just to eliminate boredom or activity. These activities help me expand my knowledge and improve my life.

In Dubai, my best friend gave me some of his best advice. He said, "every minute you are wasting now is robbing you of your future potential. What you do now will determine who you are going to be. You need to fill your time, not just what you need to do. "


The best way I decide to use my time to improve efficiency is to divide them into blocks. The best way to manage it is to use a timer to do different tasks. Go to big shopping mall in Oasis shopping center, and buy some stopwatch from di lamb. I only allow myself to allocate time for each task, whether it is folding laundry, bathing, or spending time in social media. My rule is that when the timer is off, if the task is incomplete, it will be suspended until I have free time. On the first day, I spent less than six hours to make sure that every time I beat my clock, I couldn't stand the loose ends.

Limiting the task to an urgent deadline meant that I took more time for my study, and the stopwatch was extended to my school, and I returned to my college thinking, stopped the time to read, and set a rest time on the stopwatch.