Running weight loss can't be lacking in fat scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

With the level of activity is rich, many people showed a thin social scene, showed a lot of slimming way to introduce tomorrow is running on the spot weight-loss method, running is a systemic fat burning aerobic exercise, including running on the spot is the most convenient and effective slimming. Just pay attention to some skills, not only make your weight heavier, but also help you part of the shaping, thin arms, waist and abdomen and thighs! In situ running and slimming, no need for big space to shape the body.

Many people think that after a run of 20 or 30 minutes, the body begins to consume fat to make energy, fat scale. But what kind of "fuel" is consumed by the body is not decided by the exercise but depends on the intensity of the movement, that is, the speed of the running.


At low speed, the body holds out the fat and extinguishes the sugar at high speed. Therefore, if we run too fast, the body will only use sugar instead of fertilizer. But too slowly, though it can often consume fat and regret speed, I'm afraid that even if I run a long time, I can't get a clear weight loss effect.

At the beginning, is the first eyes watching TV or listening to music, let the arms on both sides of the body naturally swing, Jue Suizhi in walking, this place to walk about 1 minutes to go, let the body move first. Be sure to keep in mind that in the course of the whole running, you should stick to your nose instead of your mouth, so that the trachea can be maintained ineffectively.

Then gradually slowed down the frequency of the swing arm, and the foot of the frequency is also slowing down into a go, then turn in the ribs on both sides by hands in the chest with both hands swing swing hand, don't make a fist, hurry, then palm down, the swing direction is vertical and downward swing body. About 4 minutes or so, the warm-up stage can be done, when the body is at the root of the running form and can start running.