Is the reasonable exercise movement points

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

 "Scientific" training should be relevant to the human body is healthy discipline, comprehensive and vary with people for training. The training important include:

(1) special foundation stage: 60 days before the race began, to maximize the improvement of aerobic endurance degree as the foundation, timing, distance, continuously held endurance run, pace is less than or close to the race for the purpose of the results. Weekly activity to medium organic union, big activity as the breakthrough, the activity is designed to link, small activity helps to mediation.

(2) special reinforcement phases: runs throughout all phases of the training all the year round, endurance degree at a rate of major progress as the focus, a variable speed run, intervals, pace than the objective results.

(3) the combination of perfect stage: progress all horse shape the nature of the guarantee of good skills, physical fitness and guard against injury. Main point is to weave together a variety of special training, continuous combined cycle approach, can be two places at once each part of the body

(4) special rate tempo training: competition from 25 to 28 days, otherwise pace is purpose or slightly higher than as a result, the clearance between 6-4 minutes.


Should pay attention to exercise

1. Repeat with the mode of training. The training is a waste, but a very wide range. Here need meticulous, absolutely don't fall into the "practice makes perfect" error, repeat run the same intensity, the same interval, such as day after day run 5 km run, it can only link as a result, not grams less activity degree of progress. Runners once set a goal, will be harsh, rather than face feel good is speeding up, the blindly so much will do more harm than good.

2. To prevent excessive training. Activity training goal is to crush shape structure, have broken, shattered rear comprehend rebuilt structure, to strengthen more than bag yesterday, but the repair is to have plenty of time, with decoration is in training to Sue, so much talent keep fit.

3. The blind for pace. Such as furnish five weeks of training, the first three weeks don't seek pace, but rather to meet mileage spiritual growth. Peak ratio and quantity, the end of two weeks turn mediate pace, mileage is eliminated accordingly. General said, was to run the interval of contracting, run rate gradually accelerated, until a few days before the race start mediation of Sue, such training method is one of the best results. "The closer, the more to strength reduction, reducing links for certain activities.

4. A single training run. Running tests to comprehensive, make a figure essence fully promoted. Horse racing is a demanding nature of body activity, is training must be very comprehensive, both running training, strength training.

Running training there are many situation, such as tempo run, long interval endurance running, rate, intervals, variable speed running, repeat, etc. This long interval endurance running is the most important factor of landgent racing and perfected to ensure that you run to the end. Strength training is important static strength training, lower limb strength training, strength training and focus are not run or lack of.


With fully refined, brilliant figure of all departments, such as the arms, restoring muscle and extensor and flexor, big muscles, small muscle groups, such as the endurance of peace force, such as muscle flexibility, speed, mobility, etc., are balanced growth, groups promote nature shape.