Anatase stopwatch reading

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

When you use the electronic stopwatch in physical exercise, you will be mistaken by too many numbers on this screen. In particular, the screen displays a few lines of stopwatch and dazzling, and I tell you that the stopwatch is to see how many lines he has, "the row on the stopwatch is a row" on the stopwatch screen with three lines, we usually call the "three row stopwatch"Then, how can we look at the stopwatch? In fact, it can be based on the number of rows on the stopwatch screen to call how many rows of stopwatch, easy enough, like the following figure of the sports stopwatch, the three row of the three row of sports stopwatch, this is the stopwatch reading.

How to see some numbers on the stopwatch screen 

Electronic sports stopwatch, belonging to the electronic sports fitness equipment, this is a very hot mini sports stopwatch time equipment, in our physical education teachers often see it to record the students' running results of the students, this is the basis of the sports test results, the stopwatch is also indispensable for the sports coach. One of the devices, when we are involved in track and field events, can be used only by the judges at the level of the referee. They can easily read the data on the stopwatch screen, but the stopwatch is not used for those who do not use the stopwatch, especially the novice coach. Don't use stopwatch,Because stopwatches are also one of their appliances, they often wonder how to read a few lines on the stopwatch.


On the basis of my cognition, how to read the number in the stopwatch screen, you know how to read the stopwatch, and how to look at the number above, we look at the two small numbers in the top left corner of the stopwatch, and if it is the 30 stopwatch, we can record the running results of the 30 distant contests at the same time, and the stopwatch shows. It is just 3 lines of numbers, it is not able to display 30 rows of numbers at the same time. If the 30 rows are displayed, will the stopwatch not be changed for a long time? The three row numbers shown in the stopwatch only show the time difference between the runners and the two runners who reach the finish line.This time difference is the first and second lines, the third line is the recording stopwatch time, a larger display, the third lines are the runners' running time, and this time does not stop according to the pause key, because we use the 30 stopwatch, such as the 20 people running, and we run at the end of their run. We often click on the left key to get the result time. We find that the big number of numbers will not stop. Instead, we jump out of a small number in the second line. We look at it. This is the time difference between the stopwatch and the end.

How do you see the results of a stopwatch?

What do we do when we press the stopwatch's record and always do not show how many seconds the runner has run? Tell you! It is to look at the timer function again after the stop, to see the time of the stopwatch record, our sports stopwatch is the top of the middle button can look over, the novice needs to learn a few times, no, but also to see their own understanding, savvy can understand the knowledge of sports stopwatch.If you don't know much about it, when you really pick up stopwatch, you will learn to press those buttons. The skill is a small number in the upper left. For example, the small number 1 above the left is the first to reach the end, and the top left is 2, indicating the running time of the athlete's score at the end of the second time. The upper left shows 3, representing the running time of the athlete's score at the end of the third time; and so on, when you see it, it means that you are a good coach to use the stopwatch regularly.


How to read the time of the stopwatch 

When we record the athletes' results in stopwatch, we find that they are ignorant of numbers. How do they read them? Tell you! Reading the stopwatch time results can also be caused by daily life, we often encounter in daily life a few minutes, it is time, minute, second, but on the stopwatch with this accuracy, in the stopwatch LCD screen often appear a string of time and time numbers, how can we distinguish it? We usually distinguish the time, the minute, the second, and we all know it, and the stopwatch will have a two - handed punctuation mark, in the screen of the electronic stopwatch.An hour unit is marked with a two point colon (:). The unit is marked with a small skimming (’). The unit of the second is marked by a small two - handed ("), and the later numbers are smaller than the second. We all read it as stopwatch time unit, such as milliseconds, microseconds, nanosecond to picosecond.


How much does the stopwatch show here? This depends on the accuracy of the stopwatch on your hand. The accuracy of our stopwatch is generally one percent seconds, and it can also explain the accuracy of the stopwatch. But the milliseconds of the stopwatch are generally not read, and we often read it in seconds, for example, 5.08 seconds, not 5.08 milliseconds because 08 is not 1/1000, which is often the same. Regular stopwatch reading.