What is the structure of the electronic scale?

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

Electronic circuit part of the household electronic scale can not be debugged properly.

1. the effect tube of the electronic scale selects the pipe with a leakage current of 4-8mA. Indicates that the watt hour meter PAI has a full current of 50~200uA.

2. Resistors R1 and R2 use fine metal film resistors; potentiometers RP1 and RP3 use screw conditioning multi-loop potentiometers in order to carefully adjust the bridge balance.

3. other components show no special requirements.


The adjustment steps of the household electronic scale are as follows: when there is no load, adjust RP1 to make the pointer of the meter in the "0" position, and then place the object corresponding to the gauge component of the large measurement (such as gauge weight) on the electronic scale plate to adjust RP3 to make the pointer of the meter at the terminal of the electronic scale. The calibration of the linearity, the use of two-value gauge weights to stop correction, if the linearity is not good (especially in the two-value position L to re-select a good linear sliding potentiometer RP2. The error is too large, the demand is stopped by the weights of the standard components, and the scale of the instrument PA1 is re calibrated.

Household electronic scale belongs to a kind of weighing instrument, which uses Hooke's law or the lever balance principle of force to measure the quality of objects. Household electronic weighing scale is mainly composed of load-bearing fragments, such as weighing pan, weighing body, force transfer fragments such as leverage force transfer fragments, sensors and indicators fragmentary such as dial, electronic display instrument 3 parts. According to the principle of construction, it can be divided into three categories: mechanical scale.

Household electronic scale and Mechatronic scale

1. Seeing Accuracy: Some weighing scales are not accurate, not accurate in weighing, several measurements are different. Such a weight scale should not be purchased and should be weighed accurately.

2. Look at the big weighing: Different weighing scales have different weighing numbers, you should choose according to the details of your family, if there are big thin people will choose to weigh a larger number, so as not to exceed the large value, resulting in the scale can not be used.

3. Investigate how safe the scale is: when stepping on weighing, must have very good anti-skid maintenance measures, otherwise it is easy to skid on the air bricks in the home, causing risk. Therefore, we should have a good look at the effect of the bottom slip mat.


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