In July 6, 2017, the Shanghai ISPO exhibition

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 attracted 470 exhibitors from the sea, covering outdoor areas, water activities, and running fitness. There are 14,593 people on the surface of the country, which are mainly composed of: general merchandisers, agency dealers, distributors, aggregators, retailers, activity clubs, planners/buyers, e-commerce, private education, fitness room, and camp area.


More than 60 cross-domain mutual aid media have held a full range of online and offline promotion of good exhibits and companies. 73% of exhibitors selected ISPO SHANGHAI as their preferred new product announcement platform.

From research and development to retail, ISPO provides 360-degree service to enhance the brand price

In addition to exhibitions, ISPO electronics industry communications, ISPO Global Plan Awards, ISPO Academy, ISPO Global Innovation Contest, and ISPO Functional Textiles Prevailing Trends Awards, all will help you achieve all-round, uninterrupted circulation.

When ISPO Ruisai Technology participated in the new exhibition on July 6, 2017, it was specially interviewed by CCTV7.

On the morning of 2017.07.06, the exhibition just entered the formal exhibition. At this time, a reporter from CCTV7 suddenly came to research and study the new technology of our sharp match.


CCTV7 CCTV 7 sets are interviewing Ruisai Technology

After a wonderful talk, CCTV7 CCTV reporters conducted research and observation on our sports electronics products, and in-depth understanding of our products.


CCTV camera reporters carefully watch the new game, research

The CCTV reporters reported that our products have done a great job.