Professional sport heartbeat bracelet

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

Believe for friends like running,RESEEBrand will not make you feel strange, this brandA stopwatch and intelligent bracelet or fat scaleIn both professional athletes and have very good oral traditions in the amateur.Recently,Sharp technology co., LTD(RESEE) launched a professional sport heart ratering: asicsrs9001The hand,ringDesigned specifically for professional and amateur runner runners, runners, can help you find the most suitable for themselves in a jogging, running the movement rhythm.

RESEEIntroduce professional sport heart rateringFor less than300 yuan

SharpRS9001Exercise heart rate watches bySharp technologyMeter manufacturing, as an experiencedmeasurementInstrument, the timing products manufacturer, guaranteesharprs9001The quality and reliability.

Sharprs9001Hand movement heart rateringEquipped withtwoHeart rate measurementdevice, to ensure the accuracy of the heart rate counts to a great extent.Heart rate measurementThe instrumentRecorded after accurate heart rate value, through the wireless technology, real-time synchronization to handinsidePlate on the LCD screen.

In addition, in addition to real time record and display the wearer's heart rate parameter,sharprs9001Hand movement heart rateringAlso built aThe AT heart rate calculation function.This function can be according to your situation and the existing subsequent cardiac rhythm, heart rate calculated activists from this pace can be adjusted according to the calculated results and the rhythm of movement, keep your heart rate in a healthy and stable level.

ATHeart ratefunctionCalculation function, there is a more important use is through calculations and forecasts to identify you in a moment when the motion state of aerobic or anaerobic exercise.The so-calledAts is English phrases AnaerobicThreshold acronyms, also is the meaning of the anaerobic threshold.When we from mild movement began to slowly increase the exercise intensity aerobic exercise in one particular point into anaerobic exercise, this point is called the AT anaerobic threshold.sharprs9001Hand movement heart rateringtheThe AT heart rate calculation function can remind, help keep amateur runner's motions within the scope of the aerobic exercise, better fitness and even lose weight.

Sharprs9001Exercise heart rate watches also supports the construction of user data, the wearer can enter their gender related information,sharprs9001Exercise heart rate watches can be like a running machine at the gym record and analyze your whole movement data.You can be in handringGradually set up a moving target to reach, can also be handringMoving data in turn out.

In addition to the heart rate and measurementThe AT heart rate calculation function,sharprs9001Hand movement heart rateringAlso supports and other common timing functionMobile phone bluetooth connectionFunction.The handringCan record lap time and middle time, moreover also has the alarm clock to remind the hour, and you have5 meters waterproof performance.

Sharprs9001Exercise heart rate watches with the packagingaButton battery.The model forCR2025 button batteries used in handringItself, in the handringOn the service life of two years or so.Models forCR2032 button battery for heart rate chest belt, service life in 900 hours.