Sports should not be dragging, so more in need of a stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

The world table tennis tournament held in chengdu from the disturb sex divide, history repeat after, effect would be expected, the kingdom of withdrawal ping three live two exercises, in the end tied up with an apology letter, controversial temporarily come to an end.

Table tennis is our national sport, also is strong, is the teacher of easing the bit in the whole world's longtime. Even if occasionally one or two miss, is also the country team engrave tide, were defeated by the player WaiYang domestication.

But it is the Chinese people proud of activity, in the home to become a farce. Topic trigger point lies in the world competition at present, the ping always exercise liu guoliang was taken down, and then when the duan, vice President, let the players very disappointing.

Don't sad, the ping always exercise only one, is fighting on a line directly led the field of power commander, affects the race win. And before liu guoliang, duan has 18 vice chairman, is a holdover anodyne.

Let a young professional exercises to construct when either a sinecure, temporary and no one else took over, this step is very hurt the morale of the team. And players and exercise good emotional hurt, withdrawal from the emotional is above reproach.

On the whole incident, liu guoliang didn't do anything wrong, also did not leave the negative news of kong linghui as casino liabilities. Temporary by conciliation, important change is the result of his teacher and pupil involvement with CAI zhenhua.

In the ping back three days before the game, is also on June 20th, administration assistant chief has just become the new football association bulletin, party committee official CAI zhenhua Pal Yu Hongchen for loss. Out, the new bulletin is pipe track and field, is also a green hand.

The influence of the football association staff to mediate, and soon on the table tennis, liu guoliang excluded mediation to a holdover, a problem the next exercise is screening. To this, duan CAI zhenhua, chairman of the quiet is especially rare, he hasn't time to help and love say a word.

But, no matter how table tennis in exercises, the nature of the players and skills in the years of accumulation will also make the activity of collecting inheritance is strong, but the fear is the team's repeatedly failed to meet knowledgeable ?

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3: according to the M and S keys at the same time shows zero reset.

4: press the START/STOP key to START or STOP by that time.

5: when setting the time there was an alarm to "zero" s last.

6: press any key to stop the alarm.

7: three rows shown stopwatch can freely set the switch machine. (when shipping products have shut down, not electricity shortages as a result of long-term inventory.)

8: have waterproof function stopwatch is naturally good waterproof performance, fell into the water, will not damage (not use) in the water

Batteries made in:

1: when the timer display is not clear or sound less to replace the electricity pool

2: use AG13 model electronic buttons.

3: a slide open the battery door. Take out the old