Track and field, the world is wider (the stopwatch body)

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

The summer of 2015, and there's Zhang Guowei won the Chinese track classic husband gaosai jump gold medal, kicked off at the top of the track and field events on the streets. In the future, the city walls of the ancient city of Xi'an and the "bird's nest" square in Beijing all make the public feel the charm of track and field.

"Let the track and field streets", is the IAAF launched at the beginning of the reform, is to track records closer to the public. To deal with the more comprehensive, open and international track and field of Chinese track and field, out of track and field is also a useful experiment for growth and promotion.

As the mother, track and field is the earliest war many activities, but the charm of athletic activities has not been previously and enrich cognition: the World Grand Prix, championship has not require a ticket, but because of the publicity, the event influence is not enough, with the audience still very few projects; track and field Stadium evacuation, entertaining out of order, through the TV watching, often due to lack of sense of the scene and not boring; other, China's track and field activities on past growth, launched the famous live pull, but chasing star atmosphere often difficult long-term.