You haven't to know the stopwatch technology

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

RESEE decimal stopwatch timer technology parameters

A, RS8500 stopwatch simple introduction:

RS8500 the decimal stopwatch/clock with the resolution of the users can choose 1/1000 of a second, additional features include blare, adjustable and contrast of the big three lines of the display. Equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries and 20 cm long usb charging line.

Second, the RS8500 stopwatch specifications and features:

Timing ability 9 hours, 59 minutes 59.99 seconds

Accuracy + 5 seconds/day

The alarm is

The timer

Backlit screen function, suitable for use at night

Metronome: 320

Size 64 x81x25mm

The weight of 90 g

Record, 500 store memories can record 500 competition performance at the same time.

Calendar display the date, month and date

The daily alarm clock (12 or 24 hours format)

Countdown 3 mode: the countdown began, stop the countdown, countdown.

Stroke measurement

Can set the hour and the alarm clock

Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery and charging line, without using ordinary android cable instead of charging line available.

Important: this stopwatch can store up to 500 segments/cent circle time. Storage is full, the additional section/circle time will not be stored, even reset the stopwatch and start a new activity, too. Additional section/circle time will be displayed, but it will not be recorded. Must first remove the memory data, a stopwatch to record again.


Stopwatch set use: 

1.under the normal time display, press MODE key at a time, will see the state of a stopwatch, press the START button (right) once again and START the time, need to stop press START button once again, to continue again press the START button. To zero in time, in a stopwatch to stop state, click the SPLIT button (left) will be zero to timing.

2.set the alarm time: in the normal time display, according to the second MODE key, set the alarm time will see into the state, then press the START button (right) to START adjusted continuously, click the SPLIT button (left), will be transferred to the points. Hold down the left and right click once to cancel the alarm clock function.

3.time Settings: under the normal time display, press MODE key three times, you will see number of seconds in a flash, click the SPLIT button (left), you will see scores in flash, and then press the START button (right) turn score, click the SPLIT button (left) will see hours in flash, and then press the START button (right) the hours set, click the SPLIT button (left) will see days in flash, and then press the START button (right) stay tuned, all such operations such as the months and weeks after all set, press MODE key to exit.