Things to Consider before Purchasing Stopwatch

Publisher: RESEE Technolog     Published:2019-02-15

Stopwatch for sports

When you narrow down the scope of the best stopwatch, here are the types of things you want to consider. What types of sports or activities will you use to make stopwatches? This is the most important issue, because the functions you need depend entirely on the content of your watch. Waterproofing is essential if you are planning any water sports or if you are a sweaty person. The last thing you have to do is miss out on your best things because your timer splashes or sweats.

Stopwatch with stroke/step rate mode

This function is very important for swimmers and track and field athletes. Stopwatches with this feature automatically accumulate partitions for each third row, meaning that you will continue to measure the overall time during recording cycles or periods. This is very useful when you want to record the total time for each lap. Some watches even have a three-screen display of the past lap, the current lap and the overall time.

RS8500 Stopwatch for sports

Countdown stopwatch

Countdown is especially useful in fitness-related activities. Many exercises require proper equipment settings, so delays are useful. This RS8500 model is the top product. It has all the bells and whistles. This multi-functional watch is an excellent choice, if you need dual split recyclable memory - it can hold 500 laps! As the name implies!

It has a large 3-line display and 1/1000 second resolution. This RS8500 stopwatch may be that it has countdown function. Now many stopwatches can count down on the spot through data. It also offers a five-year warranty, which is higher than most timers, and explains their durability. The only major drawback is that the three-wire display makes the number smaller and more difficult to read than the single-wire display stopwatch. If you are an athlete who is serious about looking for top products and can help you to take yourself to a new level, the RS8500 stopwatch is a good choice.

Check Stopwatch Price

This multifunctional stopwatch is your best choice. RS850 price is positioned in high-end products, providing three rows of display, lap splitting and ergonomically designed button positions. It also has functions of calendar, alarm clock, time and stroke frequency. The biggest drawback is that it has no backlight, which means it may be a little hard to read at night. Some buttons also require more finger pressure than other timers, so you have to make sure you press them in the best position. If you want a stopwatch that meets most training needs and intends to use it mainly during the day, RS8500 stopwatch 500 Lap is a good choice.

If you are a serious athlete and want to use your timer at any time of the day, you'd better use the RS8500 stopwatch.

RS8500 Stopwatch for sports

Check Stopwatch Shell

This basic stopwatch features a rugged waterproof case and a large display screen. Marathon displays dates, times, and even tracks split events. Laser tuning mark time is 1/100 seconds, big button creation start/stop easy. The biggest disadvantage is that you can't turn off the bell that can be annoying every hour. It also has no countdown function or any memory, which means you have to write down the split time. This stopwatch is very suitable for sports teachers and coaches, but it may not have enough functions to supplement a more professional atmosphere.

Back to physical education in the 1970s. Your coach has tight grey sports pants, a bushy moustache, and smells like a cigarette - barking you to run faster. Remember he had a mechanical stopwatch in his hand? Well, they are still them. Past odes of nostalgia may not have many features, but they salute simpler times. The second time you hear a satisfying click and see the clean second hand, you say, "What double display, repeatable, one circle split stopwatch?" The turning time is 30 seconds and the speed is 15 minutes. It also has a smooth and strong steel case that prevents the timer from being damaged when it falls.

There is a sturdy mountaineering buckle molded into a stopwatch. The steel spring clip can be easily connected to your belt ring or backpack, which makes it almost impossible to lose and easy to carry. It has a backlight display and is very suitable for training in the evening. It also acts as a compass, making the timer very suitable for training and hiking.

Stopwatch for sports

The biggest drawback is that it has no memory, which means you can't monitor your progress. You can't separate time either, which means you can't do one-way tracking or anything like that. If you are looking for an intermediate multi-function stopwatch, you can do basic to intermediate training, which is a good choice. If you're a serious athlete who really wants to push yourself and track your progress, you'd better choose a higher-level model like the RS8500 stopwatch.

Stopwatch FAQ

Question: Is there any other choice besides stopwatch?

A: Of course. Again, it all depends on the style of the event you are planning. Suppose you are in a race, and several of your competitors may cross the finish line at the same time - it may be the best option for upgrading. To improve timing accuracy, you can use a wireless laser timer. They weed out guesses from accuracy and human error. The only drawback is that they are quite expensive. Remote digital timer is another option. These are the best for a gym or activity where participants want to know the time elapsed. LED screens are large, they can count down and interval time.

Q: How accurate is the stopwatch?

A: Let's start with the basics. The accuracy of this term is often misunderstood. Accuracy means reliable and repeatable measurements. Old analog stopwatches have only a lot of fine availability (resolution is 1/10 seconds) and digital stopwatches have resolution of 1/100 seconds. But you have to consider response time and human error. Regardless of the equipment, the human body accuracy can only be measured by about one-tenth. Therefore, although the digital stopwatch has accuracy, the accuracy depends on the user.


Stopwatch is a convenient device for time racing, relays and other sports events, which can help you to take your training to a new level. But don't forget that they are just as accurate as users! If you are looking for top-level stopwatches with all functions and warranty support, we recommend using RS series sports stopwatches. If you want a stopwatch that is occasionally used, wallet is very convenient, we recommend.

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