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  • RS-8100 stopwatch
  • RS-8100 stopwatch
  • RS-8100 stopwatch
  • RS-8100 stopwatch
RS-8100 stopwatch

  • Three row LCD backlight large screen display stopwatch

  • 1/1000 seconds precision, 100 - way memory stopwatch

  • The fastest / slowest / slowest / average cycle number and time can be selected

  • After the data is cleared, the stopwatch time record, the high brightness LED backlight function, and the night time data can be seen.

  • Setting 10--330 bizreach metronome

  • The timer is 10 hours long

  • Can set calendar, week, clock, 12/24 hour and alarm clock

  • Latest shock proof, waterproof, antiskid structure design, three row display

  • The built-in lithium battery can be used for recharging (using the Android data line USB charging line).

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