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Canada's track and field championships in double

发布者:锐赛科技     发布时间:2017-07-12

   2017 Canadian championships held in Ottawa, inheritance, Rio DE janeiro Olympic silver medallist andrei - 2016 Douglas continuous strong play, his third consecutive win the championships, Canada husband, 100 meters champion, then had a husband, 200 meters champion, achieved a personal double.

   Andre DE grasse and krystal - Emanuel guard the title itself, become one of Canada's fastest man and the fastest woman.

   In the local time Friday's husband in the final 100 meters, Andre - Douglas ran out of the 10 seconds of 11 as a result, the defeated cloth renton - Rodney, and continued success locking its position in the iaaf world championships. Krystal - Emanuel to heavy celebrate movement, in Ottawa, Canada's track and field championships, with 11 seconds 20 results won the champion of the women's 100 m event.

   Later in the men's 200 m race, Andre - Douglas continuous itself is the strength of the play, under the condition of 2.7 meters per second with the wind, he won his 19 seconds 96 results in a week of all the gauntlet terry fox second title of the sports ground. Aaron - brown for 20 seconds, 13 results ranked third, cloth renton - Rodney into second place by 0.06 seconds (02) 20 seconds.

   Podium is an Olympic medal winner of all, they are Rio Olympics Canada's 4 x100 relay name.

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